Please join us in Breaking This Cycle that passes from generation to generation. We have had 100% success over the past 27 years. The children just need love, a real healthy family, a safe environment, education and the knowledge and belief that we are all equal in God's eyes and anything is possible with hard work and belief in oneself.

With all this in place; the transformation begins! Soon the pain, hopelessness and fear disappear. Laughter, playing and a return to childhood are the first signs of life returning. Next we hear the words that we have been saying and showing since the first day they arrived at Mi Casa return to us from their eyes, heart and mouth "Te Quiero Mucho" which means: "I Love You". Soon the child is safe, stable, secure, learning and dreaming of becoming a doctor, nurse, business owner, psychologist, teacher, fireman or whatever plan God has for them. They know its possible because they can see their older brothers and sisters at Mi Casa have done it. THE CYCLE IS BROKEN Read Jacobos Story 

Every child is different. The joy of life and childhood reappears sooner for some than others. But it always appears! We are here for the long haul. Unconditional love and a safe home to grow up in overcomes the pain, sorrow and abandonment 100% all of the time. Here are some of our children below: