1) Education: Our greatest need is to send the children to safe private schools. The gangs in El Salvador run the public and even some of the private schools. Students in these schools are forced to pay daily extortion fees and are subject to all types of abuse including rape. Nothing is done about it by the teachers or security for fear of reprisal against them and their family members by the gangs.  Until the government of El Salvador and its security forces can secure the schools we must send our children to safe private schools. These are the current costs to send our children to safe bi-lingual schools:

Enrollment fees: $300 per child x 25 children ($7,500 total)                                                                                                                                 Books: $300 per child x 25 children (we have to buy both English and Spanish curriculum books ($7,500 total)                                                         Uniforms and Shoes: $200 per child x 25 children ($5,000 total)                                                                                                                          School supplies: $75 per child x 25 children ($1,875 total)                                                                                                                                   Monthly Tuition: $80 per child per month for 10 months. $800 x 25 children ($20,000 total)

Total $41,875.00

Education is a gift that none can take away.

Give a child an education

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2) Transportation

Our 15 Passenger Nissan Urvan has served us faithfully over the last five years. With 29 children, we need one more.

Our 2011 Nissan 15 passenger van donated by the Rotary Clubs of Lake Oswego, Newberg, Portland, Greater Clark County and San Salvador, Cuscatlan five years ago does not have the capacity to carry all 25 of our children to school events and outings and we will soon have 29 children. Even when I help out with my Dodge Caravan it is not enough as the Caravan is designed for 8 passengers. It is also 14 years old and has over 215,000 miles on it. We need another 15 passenger van which will give us the capacity to move all the children safely. Also I will be able to assign one 15 passenger van to the boys house and one to the girls. No more fighting over who gets the van on weekends to go to the Park/Church/School Events/Outings Etc. 

As you can see it is not safe to carry all the children at the same time as we end up with children without seat belts (or seats). The Nissan Urvan above has five rows of seats and seats 15 passengers. It is also a diesel and gets twice the gas mileage as my Caravan which only holds 8 passengers.  We have had the Nissan since it was new and have not had any problems with it. I expect it will last another 10 or 15 years. We need another 15 passenger Nissan Urvan. Toyota also makes a 15 passenger van that is considered reliable. I am attaching an invoice for both.

2016 15 Passenger Nissan Urvan 

Technical on Nissan

2016 15 Passenger Toyota Hiace 



3) Shelter For Our Cans For Kids Sorting Station

Cans for Kids operated out of Fast Break for 15 years and Art From The Heart and SERP for many more. Because of changes in Oregon law we must now be in a facility that is fully integrated with the general public. We have two employees Mike and Adam and our amazing Job Coach, Joe Ward. All together these guys have been with us for over 50 years. They are the best! We occupy 400 square feet. We are looking for a business in the Portland/Beaverton area that would be willing to donate 400 square feet for our team to work out of. We need access to a bathroom also. Mi Casa International will provide a Tax Deductible receipt for the use of the facility and also help promote in any way we can your business for reaching out to those less fortunate by providing this space for Cans For Kids. Please Email Us At: bob@micasakids.org or call at 503-437-0606

Above is Mike Hansen in our sorting facility. Most know Mike as he has worked for Cans for kids for over fifteen years and is NEVER without his Lakers shirt and hat.