Digital Currency Donations Welcome


It all started when... someone like you saved my life by giving me a loving safe home to grow up in and Learn. 

We welcome all digital currency donations to help the children here at Mi Casa. Below are the links to several currencies. If you don't see the currency you wish to donate in. Send me an email and we will get you the link.

Bitcoin   1EhtQg1K9pEq9hyGkQUwvPq3gwKkk27iwb                            Dash    XcTE8Ns5Exjw3inTp2f7HS3uYReuK9oFed                                    Litecoin   LdU1mHD7bxy6FjSYdu7bvkVZP9YEuAYCyQ                          Ethereum  0xE7aFFBAb82aA6A2ef3451F61D0096D565d938986

* send us your full name and email if you would like a tax deductable receipt for the USA.