This is our can sorting room. Mike Hansen who has been with Cans For Kids for 15 years is in the photo.

Donna, Mike and Adam sorting cans. Making a difference in our community and the world. 

Cans For Kids = Mi Casa Kids = LOVE

Cans For Kids and Mi Casa are simply about LOVE. Love for Intellectually Challenged Adults and love for Children. Our focus has always been both here in the USA in Oregon and internationally in San Salvador, El Salvador which is the most dangerous country in the world for children and teens. 

For over 20 years, ‘Cans for Kids’ has been turning donations of redeemable cans and bottles from area businesses into opportunities and promise. Opportunities for intellectually challenged adults to have paying jobs and promise for earning funds to support the children of Mi Casa.

From our founding in 1992 by Bob McDonell to the present, we’ve flourished in providing opportunity.  We’ve employed over 30 intellectually challenged adults who’ve learned work skills, earned a regular income, and developed confidence from being meaningfully productive members of the community.

2017 will be a watershed year for Cans for Kids. With the Oregon Bottle Bill deposit increase to 10 cents in April, we’ll have the means for evolving into a community integrated independent business. Moreover, we’ll fully realize the promise of Bob’s vision, when he invested in Cans for Kids 24 years ago, of becoming a source of support for the children of Mi Casa and providing real jobs for the Intellectually Challenged here in the Northwest.

By donating your cans and bottles you’ll be joining the other +50 corporations or small businesses in the Northwest area supporting the children of Mi Casa and local jobs for those who want to work and need the help the most.

If you’re a business in the Portland Metro area and wish to donate; Contact Joe Ward at or call 971-998-4221.


How we work:

We have regular truck routes for collecting donations that businesses make to us.  We use donated workshop space for preparing the cans and bottles for redemption at the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative.

What we collect:

All bottles and cans containing beverages for human consumption (soda, water, juice, tea, sports drinks, coffee, beer).

What we don’t collect:

All bottles and cans containing distilled liquor, wine, dairy and infant formula. However, don’t worry if these items are mixed into your donation, we’ll recycle them appropriately.